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WHAT is XR? 

Welcome to our XR hackathon website! XR stands for "Extended Reality," and it encompasses virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Our hackathon will focus on these two technologies to create innovative solutions and experiences. VR allows users to enter a completely digital environment, while AR overlays digital information onto the real world. Join us to explore the possibilities of AR and VR!


An XR (Extended Reality) Hackathon with a social justice theme is an event where participants come together to develop immersive and interactive experiences that aim to raise awareness and promote positive change for social justice issues.


Participants work in teams to design and develop XR experiences that can help people understand and connect with social justice issues on a deeper level.


At the end of the event, teams present their XR experiences to judges, who evaluate their projects based on factors such as their impact, creativity, and technical execution.

WHO can participate?

MindBlast XR 2023 Hackathon invites all middle school students in Rhode Island, grades 6-8.

However, we highly encourage and recruit BIPOC students from marginalized communities and Title 1 schools.


Participating in an XR hackathon with a social justice theme can provide many benefits for middle school students. By exploring topics such as diversity, equity, and inclusion through virtual and augmented reality, students can develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and technical skills while also learning about social issues and how to create positive change in their communities.


  • The process of presenting an idea before a panel of judges is called a "pitch" event. For the purpose of this hackathon, students will "advocate" their solution to a panel of judges.

  • Student teams have three (3) minutes to present a clear and concise idea that addresses a social justice issue using XR technology, demonstrating a deep understanding of the social justice issue they are addressing and the potential impact of their solution.

  • During each presentation, judges will score each team's original solution idea.

  • After all teams have presented, the judges' score sheets will be tallied, and the winners will be announced.


What are the criteria for choosing the MindBlast XR Winner(s)?

Teams must be ready to clearly articulate the following in a 3-minute presentation before a panel of industry judges:


Judging Criteria:

  1.  A specific problem related to Social Justice

  2. A clear and original solution developed together as a team during the Hackathon

  3. A solution that qualifies as: (1) "Reality Revolutionaries" (create innovative solutions that bring about the most positive social change and address issues of social justice), or (2) "Equity Explorers" (create immersive experiences that promote equity, diversity, and inclusiveness), or (3) "Justice Jumpers" (explore and address issues of social justice in new and creative ways).

  4. Extra credit to the team idea that solves a social justice-related problem in both Rhode Island and around the world!

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